Flippant or Deliberate?

What a week! Leadership Day, Open House, Violence Threat Assessment Training. The gamut of experiences was noticeable: some highs, some lows, some moments of joy and some reminders of the sadness in our world.

The power of language strung these experiences together. Language to connect: our students speaking to hundreds of guests about the 7 Habits. Language to inspire: our Kindergarten students hosting Open House for next years’ students. Language to deceive: troubled youth posing threats, ultimately crying out for help. Language to reveal: skilled investigators digging for truth.

I have no doubt that words have power. Are we flippant with the words we choose or do we choose them carefully and deliberately?

1 thought on “Flippant or Deliberate?

  1. Jean

    Sometimes it’s easy to choose the right words: at other times, so difficult. But you are right: they have the power to be transformative!


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