Monthly Archives: December 2016


With the hectic nature of this time of year – concerts, last minute shopping, wrapping, baking, more shopping, more wrapping, another concert – it can be easy to lose perspective.

A magnet on my fridge reminded me, “Today is the greatest day available.” Whatever else is going on, be sure to enjoy the moment: the stranger who holds the door open, finding a parking stall, Silent Night playing on the radio, the lights glistening on the tree, the laughter of children.

Despite the frenzy or the fatigue, enjoy today.

“I was born ready!”

Last week while working with one of my small groups, I asked a student if she was ready. Her reply: “I was born ready!” She said it with such gusto that all of us burst into laughter.

This from a little girl who was quite discouraged and disheartened last year. Learning is difficult for her. And yet, she has made great strides and found a glimmer of hope.  She now understands that these symbols on a page hold meaning. She has found the key to the literate world and she is truly feeling empowered.

Words really do change worlds!