In Heaven

Last week, at the age of fifty, one of our colleagues joined those in heaven. Coleen was the kind of person that lived fully, laughed freely and loved passionately.

In her last Facebook post, she shared that she had no regrets: she lived the life she wanted to live. As we guide our children through life and our students through their schooling, isn’t that the message we want to share? Follow your passion… Live life… Make the moments count.

So, as we tuck the little ones into bed or decorate the Christmas tree, as we sit down to dinner with family or as students come to school excited about their donations to our clothing drive, these are the moments to be treasured. Each day is truly a blessing.

Coleen, thank you for the gift of your friendship. Thank you for living your life as an example to us all. You will live on in the many lives you touched.

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